Comprehensive Machine Component Manufacturing

Custom orders based on technical drawings or samples with over 20 years of experience.
Our primary expertise lies in custom gear manufacturing, milling, turning, and engraving.


Everything in one place

  • serration
  • milling
  • turning
  • engraving
  • welding

Custom Manufacturing Products

  • gear
  • sprocket wheel
  • worm gear
  • splined shaft
  • planetary gear
  • worm drives
  • agricultural machine components
  • other machine components

Machine Component Repair

  • gearbox repair
  • other machine component repair

Why Choose Us?

Quality: We work with materials and technical specifications of the highest quality, according to the client's instructions or the requirements of the component's intended use. This ensures that our products are durable and reliable

Custom solutions: Thanks to our custom manufacturing processes, we offer solutions that fully meet our clients' expectations.

Comprehensive services: Serrating, Milling, turning, engraving, welding - you can find all these services in one place. We adapt flexibly to every need and ensure that the manufacturing processes seamlessly align with each other.

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Mobile: +36 30/963-0560